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DPS 5015 Programmable Switching Power Supply & Enclosure Build

The LM317 Variable Power Supply that I had made previously in 2014 was getting too old and outdated. It was a linear power supply and was very bad in terms of efficiency. The 2N3055 tend to overheat quickly, and it even burned the perfboard that it was mounted on when I was running 2 10W … Continue reading DPS 5015 Programmable Switching Power Supply & Enclosure Build


Arduino FM Radio

Recently my 5.1 stereo amplifier system went kaput. The speakers and subwoofers are still working, but the DVD/FM/AUX amplifier kept failing to output sound. It has served its job well over its expected life. So I am going to make an arduino - controlled FM radio with an integrated amplifier for the speakers. Plans: For … Continue reading Arduino FM Radio

Arduino Smartwatch

Project Supervisor : Teo Shin Jen Over the last few years, various wearable technology have been created by various IT companies. VR headsets, smartwatches are some of the few examples. Smartwatches have become more and more popular as it provides the platform for the user to check on notifications on their phone without whipping out … Continue reading Arduino Smartwatch