5V Supply From TI Launchpad MSP430FR5969

Although many newer devices use 3.3V, 5V still remains as a standard requirement for many devices such as sensors and displays. The launchpad works with 3.6V – 1.8V (to be specific) and the board provides 3.6V to the microcontroller. The easiest way to derive 5V from the board is through an unpopulated pin hole on the ezFET side. In this guide, I will be showing how to derive 5V from the MSP-EXP430FR5969 board.


I was looking at the schematics of the ezFET power delivery on the EXP430FR5969 on the official User’s Guide. Mine is the Rev 1.6 of the board, it doesn’t have a standalone 5V port on the board. The newer revision (Rev 2.0), does have a labeled 5V pin hole near the boosterpack connectors
I found a header that is directly connected to pin 1 of the microusb connector. (Circle in Red)
The actual purpose of it is for debugging purposes, but as long we do not draw more than 500mA from it, it should be ok.
If we take look at the ezFET, there are 12 unpopulated pin holes. This matches the 12 debug lines, so this should be the correct one!
Pin 1 is the top leftmost pin and pin 12 is on the top rightmost. Pin 3 is 5V, so it should be the bottom leftmost pin.
I used a multimeter in continuity setting and got a continuity between that pin and pin 1 of the microusb connector. Pin 1 is 5V on the microusb connector.
Just to be sure, I measured the voltage and I got 5V.

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